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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Madi Couture - Review and Giveaway-from My Moms View

Madi Couture is a posh online store that features only the best mom and baby gear. Mandy Klimpke a mom from Alberta owns this store and finds the most popular and stylish items to bring to her shop. She takes great pride in ensuring her customers are happy with their products and that they arrive promptly and beautifully of course.

Mandy sent me the GiGi Blanki to review. This product is made in the States, but is very popular and thanks to Madi Couture is now available in Canada - Only at her store. So Canadians if you are going to buy the Gigi and I suggest you do - buy it from Madi Couture.

I can see why the Gigi is so popular. Upon receiving my Gigi Blanki, I knew it had to be something special just by the packaging. It was all wrapped up pretty in a little ribbon. This cute little blanki has become my favourite. I absolutely love it. It is the softest, and most beautiful little blanket your baby will have. This Blanki is definitely luxurious.

Although the Blanki it is a little small at only 19′ x 16′ it is the perfect size for little baby hands to grab onto and bring around with them. If you want something a little bigger there is the Strollie which is much bigger at 30″ x 35″. I love the little size, it’s just perfect to bring around all over the house and out in public without it being too cumbersome and having it drag all over the ground. My little girl can even carry it around with her cause it’s so light, so wherever she is, the Gigi is not far away.

This blanket is the softest thing your hands will touch. The front is a beautiful pattern that is very soft velour, and the back is a pink (or blue) satin. There is also a nice big logo on the Blankie that says Gigi! How cute is that? I can see my little girl run her hands over the front and then the back, then try to put it in her mouth. I really like to watch her explore and I know this feels good on her little hands. I like to rub it on her little face, and mine too, it just feels so good and comforting.

I was so sad one afternoon after my little girl threw up her sweet potatoes all over the blanket. I thought for sure there would be a great big orange stain left on the blanket. I was disappointed because the Blanki just looks so crisp and clean. I had tried to wash out her sweet potatoes from some of her bibs with on luck, but sure enough, the Gigi came out totally clean. There was not even a little tiny hint of sweet potatoes left on the Blankie. The valour must be high quality for the stain totally come out.

Last week I brought the Gigi Blanki with me while out on a day trip, a day later I noticed I no longer had my Gigi. My heart sank, I thought I had lost it. I searched my house inside and out. I was very disappointed in myself that I had lost the Gigi. I told myself that if I was unable to find it, I would splurge and buy another from Madi Couture. It’s not often that I would splurge on any items (and I do find the Gigi is a little pricy), but I really felt that the Gigi was something that I wanted my daughter to have. Luckily I found it, but Mandy, if I ever do lose it, please know that I will be purchasing another one.

Both my Mother and Husband even like the Gigi. My mom will always ask, “Where’s the Gigi”, while rocking her, so she can rub the soft material on her face and hands. We refer to it in our house as “The Gigi”. Do you have a blanket in your house that has a name? If you get this, you too, will call it “The Gigi”.

If you are a Mom (or Dad) that feels like you are in a bit of a rut, and need something to lift your spirits, Madi Couture will have have a little something for you. For me, this is the Gigi. I’m not sure why - because I am not a materialistic person, but the Gigi really makes me feel good about myself. It is something I am very proud to own for my daughter, I feel very attached to it.

To buy the Gigi Blanki, please visit Madi Couture. You can also buy the Gigi Blankie, Strolli and Toothie together in a package. They all match!

Mandy is very personable, will answer emails very quickly and she will get to know you a bit as well. I feel like I have made a friend in Mandy while working with her. Please stay tuned for more from Madi Couture in the future. Thanks Mandy!


Madi Couture is giving away a $50 gift certificate to a lucky My Moms View Reader.

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