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Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Grandparent Gift Co. Mother's Day Giveaway

The Story of The Mother Mirror

A baby girl is born and she soon knows her mother's
love by her smile, her voice and her touch. The baby
girl grows to love and admire her mother. She
wears her mother's shoes and jewelry and carries
her own purse filled with important things. The little
girl depends on her mother for her love, care and
guidance. The years go by and the young daughter
grows. She begins to see more of the world and
sometimes the mother and daughter disagree. They
both experience the growing pains of holding on
and letting go. But anchored in a lifetime of love the
relationship blooms and changes. Until one day, it is
two women who enjoy each other, talk openly and
respect and admire each other. On one memorable
day, the daughter gives her mother a gift. A
beautiful mirror is given along with a letter -a
heartfelt reflection on life and love. Dear Mom,
When you look in this mirror,
see what I see- Your LOVE.
When I look at you I can see the love
in your eyes
, I can hear it in your
voice and feel it in your smile.
It is the same love you have given
me since the day I was born. As I
reflect back on my life, I better
understand the depth of a mother's
love and how it guided you and me.
I want you to know that your love is
returned and I am blessed and
honored to always call you MOM
All my love-